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  • 1.1 For the purposes of the following, terms and conditions meaning : (a) "The Company", "Our" or "We" shall mean Lamabuild Ltd (b) "The Client" shall mean the person or organisation for which the Company agrees to carry out the works.
  • 1.2 The Company reserves the right to refuse or decline work at its discretion. All orders are accepted by the Company solely on these Terms and Conditions, which override any terms and conditions stipulated, incorporated or referred to by the Client whether in its order or any negotiations. No variation or addition to these Terms and Conditions shall be incorporated into the Contract unless such variations or additions and the Company’s agreement thereto are expressly agreed in writing. Any order placed by the Client with any of the Company’s employees or representatives shall be subject to acceptance by the Company 1.3 All prices shown on this site are in GBP (sterling) and exclude VAT unless otherwise stated


  • 2.1 The Guarantee shall be for labour only in respect of faulty workmanship and is for 12 months from the date of completion. All general materials have a 12 months manufacturer guarantee. The guarantee may become null & void if the work/materials supplied by the company is: (a) Subject to misuse or negligence. (b) If work or materials have been modified, tampered with or repaired by anyone other than a Company operative. The Company offers no such guarantee on materials supplied by the Client and will accept no liability for any consequential damage or fault.
  • 2.2 Lamabuild Ltd is not responsible for the performance or suitability of any materials, parts or products purchased directly by the Client which whether directly or indirectly have an impact on goods or services supplied by The Company.


  • 3.1 Any agreement made verbally must be agreed in writing to bind The Company into any agreement(s). (a) The agreement is made between Lamabuild Ltd and the Client. (b) The Client is identified as the name on the quotation. (c) Once agreed, the client is liable for the full price of the quotation, including VAT and any additional works requested thereafter. (d) A quotation given by the Company is not a contract and the Company reserves the right to withdraw or amend any quotation at any time prior to the Company’s acceptance of the Client’s order.
  • 3.2 All quotations written by Lamabuild Ltd for the Client, represent the requests of the Client. We will not be held liable for any works that are not included in the written quote. It is the Client’s responsibly to inform Lamabuild Ltd about any potential additional works related to quotation content.
  • 3.3 All written quotations from the Company are valid for one month from the date of issue.
  • 3.4 Quotations are not binding until agreed by both parties. All quotations will be subject to a start date, to be agreed , and estimated completion time.
  • 3.5 All quotations and estimates are subject to revision if there are any changes to the nature or extent of the requested work. This may apply to both labour and materials. Any works requested that are not included in the original quotation will be charged additionally.
  • 3.6 (a) The Client is liable for the full price of any additional works requested of any member of the Company, however only the Directors are authorised to provide costings for additional works and these must be in writing.
  • 3.6 (b) The Company reserves the right to charge additional labour if materials supplied by the Client require additional works or preparation for their correct and safe operation.
  • 3.7 The Company reserves the right to charge additional labour for moving furniture or preparing workspace if the Client’s premises is not ready for works.


  • 4.1 A deposit is required on all quotations that exceed £500.00.
  • 4.2 Default deposits are minimum 30% of the total amount quoted
  • 4.3 Deposit payment should reach the Company’s account within 7 days of acceptance of the Quotation
  • 4.4 Deposits will be deducted from the final payment.


  • 5.1 If the Customer is not wholly satisfied with the works then the Customer shall give notice in writing within 48 hours to the Company and shall allow the Company the opportunity of both inspecting the work and allowing any remedial work to be carried out. Any remedial work carried out by a third party before The Company can inspect the work, within a reasonable time period, will render any liability void. The Client accepts if they fail to notify the Company as aforementioned then the Company shall not be liable in respect of any defects in the work is carried out.
  • 5.2 The Company shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage or for loss of profit or business or depletion of goodwill which arises out of or in connection with the Contract.
  • 5.3 It is the responsibility of the client: (a) To remove valuable and/or fragile items from the areas where work is to be carried out. (b) To remove pictures and other wall-hanging features. (c) To remove any portable electrical goods. (d) To make the workspace available and accessible.


  • 6.1 It is the responsibility of the Client to be available on the final day of the signed agreement for consultation, final snagging and final signing-off. In the event that the Client is unavailable, unless otherwise agreed, the Client accepts, in his absence, that the project has been completed to their satisfaction.
  • 6.2 On completion, the outstanding balance must be paid in full within 7 days, at which point any certification will be signed and handed over to the Client. Any queries about the final balance should be raised within 48 hours from receiving final invoice.
  • 6.3 The customer agrees that all works are complete when the items on the quotation/agreement have been completed.


  • 7.1 We accept payment by cheque and via bank transfer. All prices shown in GBP sterling exclude VAT unless otherwise stated.
  • 7.2 All payments schedules must be agreed by Lamabuild Ltd
  • 7.3 All invoices are due upon presentation or completion of the work, or by agreement.
  • 7.4 Certificates are issued upon receipt of final payment
  • 7.5 In the event of late payment , Lamabuild Ltd reserves the right to charge interest on overdue amounts at an interest of 5.00 % per month calculated on a daily basis .
  • 7.6 Title to any goods, supplied by the Company to the Customer shall not pass to the customer and shall remain the property of the Company until payment in full has been made.
  • 7.7 The materials within the Contract will remain the property of Lamabuild Ltd, both off site and on site, until settlement of invoices has been made in full
  • 7.8 Cancellation of any work must be made in writing
  • 7.9 Where an invoice remains outstanding, no new work will be commenced until settlement is received.
  • 7.10 Materials supplied remain our property until invoice payment is received.


  • 8.1 Lamabuild Ltd will not tolerate its staff being subjected to behaviour which is aggressive, racist, sexist, homophobic or ageist .The Company retains the right to terminate any signed agreement in these circumstances.


  • 9.1 The Company shall be under no liability for any loss (including consequential loss or loss of profit) damage or delay or expenses of any kind whatsoever caused wholly or in part by Act of God, outbreak of war, civil commotion, government policies, restrictions or control including restrictions on export or import or other licences, trade or industrial disputes of whatever nature, whether or not such dispute involves the Company, its servants or agents, or by any other contingency whatsoever which is beyond the control of the Company.